north natomas crime

The victim was arguing with a known subject over money owed. Det. As they are running the plate, the truck starts to speed up. The info identified the resident as being XXXX. Pullen yesterday (Case #19-93245). The victim had approx. The chart below are links to flood depth and evacuation maps for each area. 20-25187/ 503P/ 3500 block Truxel Rd/ 1A/ 0012. NATOMAS- Several crimes in a weeks' time, many occurring on the north end of Natomas. The subjects were detained but it appeared that they had just rolled up to the vigil. A security company monitoring new construction of the DR Horton subdivision, was viewing live surveillance video when they saw a dark Honda SUV suspiciously park in between two houses. A hole in the roof was made allowing entry. Officers arrived and found she had a one inch laceration to her arm. 4 pounds of marijuana for sales/transportation. The driver was arrested on various felony evading, Auto Burglary and 182PC charges. (high 901s per Crime Analysis), -General enforcement El Camino near Del Paso Blvd. Crime in turn feeds on the isolation it creates. The driver drove his vehicle off the roadway to counter the PIT maneuver. 5 spent 9mm casings and one live round were found in the street where the shooting allegedly occurred. Based on uncooperative subjects of an investigationbeing armed. Officers authored a search warrant, which was executed by all MCTs this morning. Responding officers did a great job of getting on scene in under 2 minutes and quickly setting up perimeter. Driver (S) must have gotten spooked somehow and dumped his truck and fled on foot. Suspect advised that the victim had been selling marijuana products. His backpack and clothing matched the given descriptions from citizen videos and his backpack contained numerouspotentially stolen articles which were later booked as evidence. Due to smelling/seeing marijuana in the vehicle, Officer Jensen told the driver to exit the vehicle. R/Os were dispatched to a motorcycle vs a car 901. The subject admitted to being the suspect in the picture, but declined to make a statement. District 1 and 2 officers secured the scene in the area of West El Camino/ American Ave and located 3-40 cal bullet casings and a projectile. / 0235 hrs. When the buyer showed up he had a converation with X who is a male black early twenties, thin build with dreadlocks. The victim was not injured during the incident. With the assistance of mall security on cameras, Officer was able to locate the vehicle at the Best Buy, but it was unoccupied. MCIU was advised of the event and patrol handled the preliminary investigation. Eventually SWAT and CNT gained compliance. 20-40750 // 3000 block Club Center Dr // 1A/1B // TSTOP Follow-up //Gun/Drug sales arrest x2. 19-298753 / 995 / 4989 Natomas Blvd. Two MBAs both armed with Glock style firearms 242d the victim and attempted to drive away in the car however they were unable to get the car started. The responsible person for the cultivation was not at the house during the execution. Units arrived to assist. SSD Air unit located a vehicle that matched the GPS location and directed ground units to the vehicle. 19-391161: 211pc: 3300 block Northgate Blvd #C: 1752hrs. We actually put in an offer on a home that was adjacent to Truxel, somewhat across from the library. : An employee arrivedto work at a business saw a male exiting the smashed frontwindow to the business. Officers responded to the above location regarding a felony assault report. On scene officers located the bullet and a .45 caliber casing. The victim knows one of the suspects by a nickname and can ID both of them. Officers contacted a subject in the area who happened to be on probation. The Coroner has not identified the victim at this point. Officers contacted a male 927 subj, determined to be on F/S Probation with a lengthy 928 criminal history. Statements by the involved parties resulted in the arrest of three subjects for 245(assault)/182(conspiracy). Upon seeing officers, the Mustang made a sudden left hand turn into a nearby shopping center in violation of several vehicle codes and officers performed a traffic stop. Items returned included, college admissions paperwork, Franchise Tax Board paperwork, and other personal paperwork. The gun wasfound to be stolen out of Minnesota. Officers were able to determine the suspects vehicle was likely a 2000 Buick. The victims got into a silver Cadillac with a missing headlight and the vehicle took off southbound Ethan Way. Officers arrived on scene and began to set up around the target house, unfortunately the wrong address was given by the comp. The female was cited for the 928 and pipe, which will be her first introduction to the criminal justice system. When officers arrived a man with no shirt on sprinted out the side of the house and down the street while officers pursued him on foot. Officers contacted the resident who informed them thatthe suspects were scaredoff when his170 lb Saint Bernard looked out the window. 19-359078 / 901A / Grand Ave & Branch St / 0055 / 2A. Officers responded to the Hotel at the above address regarding a subject who had been shot. The subjectwasbooked for 466 PC,1203.2 PC,and his warrant. The vehicle exitedRichards Blvd where it hit the center median causing the front tire to become flat. Two MBAs jumped over the pharmacy counter simulating a handgun and attempted to steal prescription pills from the business. 20-45789: Window smashed. The driver was identified as being on F/S Probation for 29800 PC. Everyone was identified and possible warrants are pending. The case is being investigated by NCU. Officers conducted a DUI investigation. The core safety units located approximately (42) shell casings at the scene in two different calibers and a neighbor who had surveillance video of the shooting. : Comp called PD when a vehicle drove up onto the sidewalk, causing a flat tire, and when the driver exited he wasnt able to walk straight. Units did a great job working together to solve this crime. K-9 units and Air-1 arrived as a citizen pointed out where she possibly saw the suspect in a backyard. One was involved in a shooting and another was the suspect in an armed robbery. (community complaint), Speed enforcement on Del Paso Blvd between Marconi and Marysville. The suspects never touched anything that could be printed and the 211 was by force only. NCU/POP is investigating. Shippen held both at gunpoint for several minutes, before the driver started the truck again, and initiated a vehicle pursuit. / 1A / 1043 Hrs. The subject was booked into jail for 11378 H+S. EXPLORE WN . As MCTs approached the house, we observed one resident exiting the house and he was detained. Susp had a cut on his face from the homeowner striking him in the face and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked into the SCMJ. A search of the subject turned up a sizable chunk of methamphetamine. Similar to an early 2000s Ford Escort, possibly black or navy blue in color. (S) Was detained but could not be positively IDd by either (V). Suspect had an outstanding parole warrant and was taken into custody without incident. Warrant will be requested. They remained behind cover as a contact team, as they waited for additional units. We have also deployed officers on overtime for directed enforcement in these targeted areas. Victim was in critical but not life threatening condition. The investigation and video taken by a witness showed that a 242 occurred between several FBAs and one MBA. The horse then ran across Auburn Blvd. One of the subjects shirts was covered in a pink fluid, similar to transmission fluid. He was taken into custody and booked at jail for his warrants and for fresh narcotic-related charges. The passenger was arrested for 29800 PC, 25400 PC, 30305 Pc, and 1203.2 PC. When they got to south end of the yard, the fourth MBA exited the unlocked vehicle he had been hiding in. Additionally, Officers observed evidence in plain view that established probable cause to search. He was taken into custody without incident. The rider of a stolen Honda CBR motorcycle lost control when a vehicle started to make a legal turn in front of him. This house had a prior letter sent to them. Units flooded the area and while on scene and located the Lincoln with the son at the helm driving back to the house. $2000. Dispatch received a call from a male stating that 2 juveniles were trying to open a window and break into his residence. Officers recontacted the complainant who advised that her boyfriend had brandished a firearm at her but the description did not match the one located. unmarked car which lost the suspect. 2C/Woodlake/Arden Way & Oxford Street/927P-(Wanted 211 Suspect Arrested)/1054 hours/19-10190. A records check of this suspect showed him to be on probation and have a No Bail FEL warrant. : A city tractor was mowing the tall dry grassnear the North Natomas Regional Park when the grass caught fire. The subject was taken into custody without incident and returned to jail. The victim pulled away and kept walking. The subjects began scooting down the street and met up with two other scooter-bound subjects and they all continued down Fig St. Officers recognized one of the subjects. Officers responded to a pedestrian down in the roadway after being hit by a vehicle. Per a records check, the subject had 2 warrants for $50,000 and was taken to jail. Complainant advised that she was at the food bank when she got into an argument with two adult females (FWA, 50s wearing a tank top & FBA, white shirt, black pants). 0005 hrs., the Nissan hit an LPR car at Antelope & Saybrook in Citrus Heights, and approx. The gathered information on hhis current vehicle. Officerobserved a dark colored Lexus, when he ran the plate it came back to a Ford. People Working Together Can Make a Difference! One subject admitted under Miranda to buying the gun off the street and shooting it multiple times with another subject. Stone (1C26) attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle for various traffic violations at the above intersection. SPD received a call from a cab driver in front of xxxx Grand Ave. Two of the three were caught while the third escaped capture despite a large perimeter and units from multiple districts assisting. He was booked for 10851 VC. Officers had also learned that the (S) had a Felony PRCS want for his arrest. At 0315 hours we were advised that CHP had located the vehicle abandoned and we are currently working on getting access to it. Arden Mall Security still had the stolen vehicle in their parking lot which was eventually released back to its owner. Victim stated that he rammed the suspects vehicle before they were able to get in their vehicle (nobody was in the suspect vehicle at the time) in an attempt to get them to leave. One punched the victim, then both stole the victims bike. A perimeter was quickly set up with CHP, SSD, and SPD assets. An uninvolved citizen chased the (S) and confronted him causing the (S) to dump his goods; property recovered by the store. Additional units responded and the subj was detained without incident. 2A/Norwood Tech/310 Harris Ave./971-(459 Suspect Vehicle Impounded)/1119 hours/19-123891. The driver was found to be on PRCS 459 PC andhave an outstanding felony warrant for 3455(A)(4) PC. He did a pretty poor job of trying to conceal the powdered cocaine he possessed. 19-179926 / 1500 block of Los Robles Blvd / 245T / 0123 Hrs / 2B. The subject was subsequently arrested on a host of firearms related charges, including a 8100 WI firearms prohibition. The suspect was described as a MB50s, approximately 53, thin, wearing a red beanie and a black cap. 19-81562 / SHOTS / 1200 Block of Acacia Ave / 2B / 0054 hrsTwo SHOTS activations were received for this location. Parole Agents requested our assistance in their attempt pickup of PAL, XXXX, who has a known history of running from them. One of the passengers, Jamar Welcome, MBA, had a 10K warrant for hit and run. His sister advised she would take him to be evaluated for a 5150 hold voluntarily. He was arrested and booked at jail. Officer observed a white Subaru missing tires, E/B on Bus 80. Officer requested Code 3 cover. When they arrived they contacted a fully clothed male. No medical aid was needed for any of the parties. Officers searched the area where STAR saw the subject discard a back pack. Upon looking at the evidence it appeared the suspect was able to break through the dry wall into the rear office area of the business. The suspect then fled, possibly in a brown car. Officers checked the area for POD cam footage or surveillance and the vehicle was entered into LEARN as an armed felony vehicle. Det Houston happened to be in the office burning the midnight oil and advised officers hed interview them at the station. One subject was alert and responsive with a gunshot wound (GSW) and the second subject unresponsive with a GSW. He was transported to SCMJ and booked for 273.5 and 29800 PC. Officers (both CNT) established rapport quickly with the young man in a very close quarters negotiation. Motorcyclist (P2) was transported to UCD in critical condition. 20-29003 / 0 block Paddle Ct (1B) / ATTPU / 1223 hrs, Officer coordinated an ATTPU on suspect who had a felony warrant for possession of stolen property. Officers began to initiate a patrol surround and callout. Suspect was arrested for multiple gun charges. Canvass did not reveal any additional witnesses or cameras. 17 yrold victim was passing through a transient camp near the Market when confronted by MWAhomeless subject for trespassingin his camp. Officers quickly drove to the location and located thesuspect vehicle parked on the street. As they reviewed the earlier call, a Ford pickup matching the description drove by them. This is a group for people who live and/or work in North Natomas in Sacramento. Gang Units were driving in the area of Rio Linda Blvd/Carmelita Ave when they observed a BMW driving away from the area. Officers arrived on scene and located a victim laying in the grass just north of the Community Center. The victim sustained a significant laceration, abroken jaw,and lost part of his ear when he was struck with the machete. The females followed the complainant down the street and then started to physically attack her. The North Marijuana Compliance Team and POP served a search warrant in the late morning in the 300 block of Indiana. Officers responded to a one round shotspotter and observed nothing 927 in the complex. Officer obtained a search warrant for the premise. 2 juvenile suspects were located by officers and arrested. The subject was dragging his feet over broken glass and breaking large shards of sharp glass over his head. He observed the suspects discarding the package they were caught stealing, which the witness retrieved. Suspect was seated in the kitchen and uncooperative but extremely 922. An intoxicated male subject walked from the unimproved shoulder along the east side of Rio Linda in front of the truck without warning. 19-105758 / 2450 Northgate Blvd (7-11) / 1C / 211 / 0320 hours. 20-9807 / GP / 1000 block Acacia Ave. / 2B / 0700 Hrs.:. Unable to locate RO. The front door of the house was forced open during the struggle. Fire responded and stated that they didnt need to do any follow-up based on no active fires. His RV received a citation for expired registration. Ofc. 20-22624 Attempt P/U 4200 block EL Centro road #1124/ 1A 1859hours. (Murrietta), Stop sign Bowling Green/Middleberry. The subject is on parole and had a felony PAL warrant for his arrest. 20-33624/ Attpu/ 2900 block Berkshire Way. When they drove back through the area at 0411 hours, they observed the subject down in the middle of the roadway suffering life threatening injuries. Officers searched the wooded area where she was last seen with negative results. Initial review of the closest PODs was negative for a vehicle matching. Ofc. The two passengers had status (probation and Parole) and all three were detained. 19-123568 / Business Burglary / 3230 Arena Blvd #210. The driver was detained. Prescription sunglasses and approximately $3 in change taken. As officers were handling this call we received another call regarding the theft of propane tanks at a grocery store. The victim sustained COP to the right side of his jaw, and had multiple scratches on his head from the bamboo stick and copper pipe, but refused medical attention. Homicide Detectives responded and took over the investigation. Suspect was last seen riding the victims bike from the area. Suspect(s) broke glass to the business. She was arrested for her felony 459 PC warrant. Following up on their traffic stop from the previous shift where two subjects were taken into custody for mail theft, Officers responded to the neighborhoods where the mail had been taken. Officers initially called for an additional unit then requested units C3. We located 3 structures in the backyard with 78 live plants. Officers located 8 bullet holes to the drivers side of her vehicle but the victim was never struck. Upon our arrival, a male resident was contacted out front and detained (homeowner). 3 minutes before a vehicle pulled into the driveway. Upon entry the suspects ran out of the 925 andfled in a vehicle which was broadcast to responding units. Officers displayed their CEDs and subjectstill wasnt cooperative. SPD received a bait car activation at the above location. close. Suspects were 2 MBAs and 3 FBAs. When the (Ss) saw him they fled W/B El Camino and then jumped into some yards to get away. 19-405857 / 971 / 2600 block Millcreek Dr. / 1B / 0911 Hrs. Arrested: Uriel Torres-Dominguez 3/4/1999. In amirandized statement the suspect admitted to five (5) burglaries. The female took ownership of theapprox 3/4 lb of meth. FTO Hosmer & Officer Manning located the subject in the 1100 block of Acacia, who was found to have outstanding felony warrants and arrested without incident. Based on the evidence obtained, he was booked for DUI. Per the text of the calls, the victim was approached by two males. As officers were responding, additional calls came in regarding a subject shot in the head. Impact18 located the vehicle traveling w/b Arden Wy. It appeared that the vehicle was hit from behind and a bullet went over three childrens heads (3,3,and 5) that were sitting in the backseat, just missing their mother in the drivers seat, and lodged into the dashboard. 19-322113 / Subj Stop / 2100 block Natomas Crossing Dr / 1A / 1625 hrs. Officers located an intoxicated driver at this location. Upon arrival officers located a large group of males drinking alcoholin the parking lot of 1200 block South Ave. All subjects were detained without incident. 20-45823: Window smashed. 19-356083 / 459T / 2100 block Natomas Crossing / 1A / 0449 Hrs. A consent search yielded a loaded .40Cal firearm to which the subject who attempted to flee earlier admitted ownership. Please feel free to share community events, crime prevention, business promotions, or anything else that makes us. She noticed a subject in this parking lot and upon contacting him he played the name game. The suspects efforts were unsuccessful, and Officer was able to get the plate, which showed the truck was reported stolen to CHP on 1/29/2020. The passenger was determined to be on probation. 19-376955 / 927r / 1700 block Capital Park Dr/ 2014 hours / 1B. All theadjoiningbusinesses were closed. As a result, bothwere charged with 25400 PC, 25850 PC and booked without incident. Ofc. Arrested: Eric Sandberg, DOB: 6/30/75, XREF: 2091946, Arrested: Donald Wright, DOB: 8/16/72, XREF: 1656961, 19-252189 // Rio Linda Blvd/Harris Ave // TSTOP (Gun Arrest). North GET officers responded to assist on a DV call and found the female half (who was GOA-Gone On Arrival) to have a felony warrant for a 211 Case. 20-44634- 971/502- 5300 block Dunlay Drive- 1A- 2019hours. The driver refused a PAS and was arrested for 23152(A) VC. He had $400 cash stolen, as well as an iPhone. Homicide detectives and CSI responded and took control of the scene(s) and witnesses. I (1SM2) responded to assist TAC14 regarding a 921P where caller stated that a MBA was attempting to take the tires off a tan colored Hummer. The suspects fled on foot on the nearby bike trail. Officers responded to a single vehicle injury collision. NGET located the subject. This is a chronic 602 spot with past 928/warrant/gun contact history. Officers located 10 spent casings in the street. A records check showed the subject tobe onF/S probationfor 459 PC Burglary, 466 PC Possess burglary tools, and 11370.1(A) HS Unlawfulpossession ofa controlled substanceand a loaded firearm. Officers were given vehicle plate information (actual photo of the license plate)of the hit and run vehicle and conducted some follow up at a nearby county address. The unit had a single FWA and a 5 year old child living in it. The driver ran into the parking lot for Money Mart, only to find it completely fenced. The solo occupant was a female driver who matched the suspect. When officers attempted to make a traffic stop the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. 1A/Gateway Park/3810 Truxel Road #200-(Cosmo Prof Salon Supply)/933R-(Burglary: Suspect Outstanding)/0449hrs/19-141779. See how much real estate prices change in Natomas last two weeks Sacramento Bee 2023-02-11, 21:04 . Outstanding find and ownership of their beat. Officers contacted suspect who was found to be on parole and have priors for attempt homicide and felony assault. Breaking the glass, 2 of the suspects entered the business with a box in hand. 19-417993 / 2600 block Altos Ave / Search Warrant. The FWA and MBA observed by the Air unit were detained without incident. The report also showed that a license plate was captured for the suspect vehicle. The homeowner detained the suspect until PD arrived. He was in a hurry, initially not very cooperative and was apparently in a huge hurry to leave. Sergeant located a stolen Ford E350 which was taken in an SSO business burglary on 12/31/19. He was detained and taken into custody for his warrant. While K9 was searching the perimeter, the suspect fled multiple times. The passenger was taken into custody without incident and booked for 11378 HS. However, thanks to Ofc. They put in a video request, collected the casings, and booked them. Subject was identified who had a misdemeanor warrant for 487(A) PC.