foreshadowing in the shining

-Constant references to the impending snowstorm foreshadow the family being stranded at the hotel. We can go back even farther than the sound of the train to the film's opening and the curious activity around the the tunnel through which the VW passes as it travels up the mountainside, that tunnel bookended by cars that have pulled over to the side of the road, a white family station wagon preceding it and the two-tone color auto following. Another tale concerns a ventriloquist with a dummy that turns out to be independently alive, a plot that served as basis for the later Danny Kaye film, Knock on Wood. So, what is being presented isn't exactly matching up. Another article advertised on the cover is Interview: The Selling of (Starsky & Hutchs) David Soul. Perhaps Kubrick was throwing in some extra foreshadowing. 44 - Wendy reassures the doctor that everything is fine. On a pragmatic level, Jacks desire concerns completing his tasks, namely writing his novel, being the caretaker, and in the third act killing his family and Hallorann. Regardless, no normal hotel leaves copies of Playgirl lying around, so the magazine serves as an immediate red flag in the film. Kubrick's showing us this vision early on in the film means that through the rest of the movie we will be waiting for the reappearance of these apparitions. 67 MCU Doctor. WENDY: Yeah: Jack's interview had uncomfortable information divulged him by Ullman, while Wendy's interview resulted in her relating uncomfortable information. Two of these pairs are heard wishing goodbye to Mr Ullman. Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, and Jack Nicholson star in 'The Shining' (1980). The horror of Danny's vision past, we return to ambient sound, nothing mysterious. Danny is the first to make contact with the evil forces of the hotel. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado, upon which Stephen King based his book, was built instead by Freelan Oscar Stanley. Patterns of movement of individuals about the set one would think would be in keeping with their status, such as guests would normally come and go from guest areas, and the audience does naturally anticipate and assume this and thus will naturally, unconsciously, believe that the guests must be coming from, say, elevators that will lead to their rooms. At the same time, the 12 stages and most of the archetypes of the heros journey as theorised by Vogler3 are traceable in The Shining, albeit being peculiarly distributed between Jack and Danny.4. A man, reading, speaks with a blond woman in white. Its as if the music was anticipating what was around the corner. In this article we offer a basic dramaturgical analysis of The Shining (in both its versions 144 and 119) using a method which follows authors such as Syd Field, Christopher Vogler, and Dara Marks: we deal with both the narrative world, i.e., the characters, their relations, and the environment in which they act, and the narrative structure. The pair are an expression of the idea of a struggle of universal forces ever in conflict, and it's held that never can both exist on the same plane. In the following sequence Jack goes to the Gold Room (for the first time in the 119 version, for the second in the 144 one). We begin with a shot of Danny riding off into the distance in a green hallway and taking a right turn. 35 MCU of Stuart. Wendy Torrance is driven by a desire to improve her marriage but, beyond all, protect her son from any injuries that might come his way. Not only is the Overlook positioned on a kind of E/W dividing line (as described in the Opening analysis) it has also a world wheel heart powering it. Since the beginning of the book, hints are dropped pertaining to what will happen later on in the novel. The Question and Answer section for The Shining is a great Again, this is a room that was standard for its time and fitting in with the simple construction seen in apartment complexes that haven't any architectural frills. Kubrick would have appreciated the presence of a Mirror Lake at Mount Hood considering his interest in doublings. And as far as my wife is concerned, I'm sure she'll be absolutely fascinated when I tell her about it. Definitions of foreshadowing noun the act of providing vague advance indications; representing beforehand 1. Nevertheless, the three-act structure2 is respected: the first act starts at the beginning and ends when Danny enters the Colorado Lounge with bruises on his neck; the second act starts when Jack enters the Gold Room in anger and ends when Grady releases him from the pantry; the third act occupies the remaining part of the film until the closing credits start. The theme of family bonds is one of the most important in the novel. Go to TOC for this film ( (which has also a statement on purpose and manner of analysis and a disclaimer as to caveat emptor and my knowing anything authoritatively, which I do not, but I do try to not know earnestly, with some discretion, and considerable thought). Therefore, as in the best midpoints, the scene contains the symbolic death of the protagonist, who will then be left powerless and lame, locked inside the pantry. The film ends with text over black, The Overlook Hotel would survive this tragedy, as it had so many others. Because of the importance of the maze to the plot I'm going to lean toward thinking perhaps the book was chosen due the coincidence of the needle and the word clew, as a clew of thread was the ball used by Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth, and is the origin for the word "clue". Jack will murder the only African-American in The Shining. A lot of this foreshadowing is shown to the reader in the form of Danny's ability, 'the shining'. The psychiatrist telling Wendy that. There's hardly a person in 1980 who wouldn't have immediately bonded with the pedestrian situation of the lunch table and its simple sandwiches through the familiar cartoon vocabulary of a cartoon that was a shared experience. The 1980s horror movie The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick utilized these aspects very well. How do you think they'll take to it? Then there is the photo to the right of it which is difficult to decipher. THE DOCTOR: Is Tony one of your animals? Stanley pushed me and prodded me further than Ive ever been pushed before. It happens at 1:38:56 when Hal, over the radio, is saying it's a "bad day out there". Would Kubrick have us think upon Wendy and the lost boys to whom she serves as a mother figure, and Peter Pan who counts adult mothers as his enemies? As for the radiant heat, the fact that the hotel used a boiler was of primary importance in King's book. 63 MS Danny's bedroom. There is no door in that area through which he could have passed for the doors to the hall beyond are blocked by seating and if there did happen to be doors to an exterior patio (which there are not) he hasn't the time to exit them. Is the man with the camera ostensibly there for a "camera walk"? (4:10 crossfade begins, full fade in by 4:12.) The allusion is intended to intensify the feeling of isolation that the Torrances have once they are living at the hotel and cut off from the rest of the world. But then, following Halloranns murder, Danny runs and makes his father follow him in the maze. I can't say. The red painted hall that she walks down just prior to seeing the river of blood is also a subliminal to this effect. Whatever the book. Even if you've seen the movie 100 times, there's still probably a lot you don't know about what went on behind the scenes. The way that the camera tracks the pair emerging from Danny's room and continuing to the living room is curious as it skews the relationship of that hall with the remainder of the apartment. 27:00 - Wendy says to Dick, "We call him Doc sometimes, like in the Bugs Bunny cartoons" (sound of "sha"). The opening was nature. In fact, nothing makes sense.. We had already observed he was wearing a red and blue and white raglan sleeved shirt decorated with stars around the armband, but while he was in the kitchen we were only able to see the number 4 above that band. ), In 1983, King told Playboy, Id admired Kubrick for a long time and had great expectations for the project, but I was deeply disappointed in the end result. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women [Harrowing Historica at the best online prices at eBay! We see on the sill The House of Brede by Rumer Godden, which concerns a professional woman, Philippa, who at the age of 42 leaves secular life and becomes a nun in a contemplative order. He is endearing to children because he is voiceless and seems to represent their situation in the adult world and its sensibilities that are beyond a child's comprehension. There is another photo of a silhouette in the office but we've yet to have it be introduced (I write of it in the Wednesday section). The embellishments employed by Kubrick are in many places not the same as at the Ahwahnee, such as at the tops of these columns. Jack does not have a strong inciting incident, although something similar happens when he scolds Wendy in the Colorado Lounge, asking her not to disturb him while he is working, and when in the following short sequence he is seen staring outside the window while Wendy and Danny are playing in the snow. This apartment complex's exterior looks to be from the 70s and the bathroom has beautiful ceramic tile work in it that has probably not been present in any lower and lower mid tier apartment complex since the 60s. (11:14) At the same time, the archetype of the Shadow can be found: it stands for the fury of the evil side, the danger which tacitly lies beneath the surface. DANNY: Talking to Tony. Lunch with Danny, Wendy, Tony, The Catcher in the Rye, and the Kensington, Shots 12 through 20 Around the time he was making the film, Kubrick said, There is a wonderful suggestive timeliness [that the structure] of making a movie imposes on your life. Referring back to The Wizard of Oz and its over the rainbow adventure, we have at the beginning here the potential of a dream story that makes use of elements of real life and can be accepted as having actually occurred at least for the journeying dreamer. Or did Danny manage to stop the cycle of violence from repeating forever and ever? The rainbow has become a symbol of happiness, good luck, peace and the promise of a pot of gold at its end for those who can find it. Whatever, we have in the bathroom's mirror the film's first instance of second sight, of oracle, access to knowledge not normally held, and Kubrick appropriately annotates it with music concerning an awakening from a dream. "I was under the pressure of being a family man with a daughter and one day I accepted a job to act in a movie in the daytime and I was writing a movie at night and Im back in my little corner and my beloved wife Sandra walked in on what was, unbeknownst to her, this maniacand I told Stanley about it and we wrote it into the scene., Though Kubrick had a good relationship with Nicholson, the director was notoriously brutal on Shelley Duvall during filming. If so, how? The Shining is a glaring example of a film that has led to countless interpretations, favoured by its complex and enigmatic nature, sometimes leading to interpretive deliriums as confirmed by the documentary film Room 237 (Rodney Ascher, 2012). Wendy has also a sandwich but it is untouched. I posit that we need to reflect upon what it means if Kubrick is tying in these projectors with the idea of the boilers, and it seems he is. Kubrick does not do this only in The Shining. The sense of it as a spoke for a kind of wheel is an incredible weight of great force. STUART: Well, uh, my predecessor This suggests that the Overlook and its ghosts are symbols of archetypical and sempiternal psychosocial issues. STUART (off-screen): of itself become a problem. It takes us also to the last day of the The Shining, its two episodes simply titled "8" and "4". The protagonist of The Shining hence, the Hero is Jack Torrance, since the majority of sequences describe his actions which determine for the most part the development of the plot. I'd like you to take him around the place as soon as we're through. But, I have also read the shot was done in miniature because it was too expensive to film otherwise. In Review, What Has Kubrick Given Us in This Section? Can the bloody murder that Danny fears, which would be a duplicate of the Grady family killings, be avoided? Two interviews. Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) enters, his gray suit appearing cheap, limp and out of place with the resort attire of the others. The elevators are fairly faithful representations of those at the Ahwahnee Lodge, a difference being that Kubrick's have the arcs above, the half-circles which show story placement. From the shining cloud the Father's voice is heard: This is my beloved Son, hear him. He tells Danny that he loves him and should run for his life. Bele, whose skin is a mirror image of Lokai's, is in pursuit of Lokai. Read the Study Guide for The Shining (1977 Novel), Racial Stereotypes and Cinematic Adaptation: The Shining Critical Analysis, View Wikipedia Entries for The Shining (1977 Novel). Such a design was used also by the Hopi. We had only seen "4" on his sleeve in the kitchen. In it, Lokai, a man whose body is half black and half white, requests asylum on the Enterprise, claiming he's a political refugee. 20:59 - When Stuart tells Wendy the Indian designs are based mostly on Hopi and Apache motifs, there may follow a "sha" sound. When the novel begins, the Torrance family is teetering on the edge. Foreshadowing often appears at the beginning of a story, or a chapter, and helps the reader develop expectations about the coming events in a story. Ager created a video in which he maps out the nonsensical visuals. STUART: Uhm, physically, it's not a very demanding job. In A Clockwork Orange we have the comic of the "ghost" train, in which a photographer takes a photo of a train accident that happened a hundred years beforehand. The comparison isn't too far fetched when one considers that Jack suffers from writer's block and the director in 8 and 1/2 was suffering from a creative block and musing on his life and its relationship to his work, his imaginings mingling with reality. Fig. The executive producer of The Shining, Jan Harlan, has stated that this was intentional. 4 is 1/2 of 8. 10 - Jack enters the secretary's office. Cut to Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall) sitting at a dining table with her ash blond-haired son, Danny (Danny Lloyd). Dressed in red union suits (she wears two, which will eventually become apparent) with a light blue checked pinafore/jumper over them, she drinks coffee and smokes, reading a red paperback with gold lettering, The Catcher in the Rye. Even when we know what is coming, Kubrick's presentation of the children is almost unfailingly eerie, shown just long enough, but too briefly for us to really register the ways in which the girls are dissimilar. (9:29) There may be no meaning, and these sounds are another example of Kubrick's cycles, perhaps intended to set up an unconscious sense of deja vu. "Now, hold your eyes still so I can see, " a female voice says in the black--and it's a very normal, stock request but enigmatic when one considers that much of the film has to do with Danny's second sight. (11:13) Perhaps hes laughing because he knows the novel ends with the Overlook Hotel burning down. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss thenovel. It was in Fear and Desire, in which the film begins as it ends with the same view of the valley. My greater concern (with a couple exceptions) is keeping an eye on what Kubrick's choices of music bring to the film in the stories suggested by their titles, and the same too with certain important symbols in the film, the stories often associated with them that are transported into the film by virtue of the use of the symbol and the mythology attached to it. Jack says it doesn't bother him. The point of view in the film alternates between Jack, Danny, and an objective camera. More books than SparkNotes. And he didn't and he hasn't had any alcohol in uhm five months. When Jack abusively berates Wendy, his language is that of a person hostile to the responsibility of parenthood, a sense of his feeling entrapped by her and Danny, the responsibility of the Overlook finally replacing those familial ties in the dramatic Colorado Lounge scene. The climax of the film is Danny's escape from the snowy maze, where he misleads his father into getting lost. When the editor goes to the Golden Elephant Mine to investigate, he is killed by Davis, who sneaks the editor's body back into his office, and the rumor is begun that, as the editor was against the railroad, it was someone connected with the railroad who killed him. King Kong in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Slim Pickens had already worked with Kubrick before. A garbage trucks license plate reads RM237. And Trixie chats online with a dinosaur toy down the street who happens to have the screen name Velocistar237.. The Story of the Winter of 1970 This area seems not to be dependent on radiant heat any longer for there isn't radiant heat in Ullman's office. 40 - Danny questioned by the doctor. Moreover, Lloyd is the first Ally encountered by Jack in the Special World (Grady will follow). The roar rises and subsides. Esau would lose not only his birthright to Jacob, but his father's blessing as well, through Jacob's guile and his deceit of masquerading as Esau in order to procure the blessing. STUART: Well, before I turn you over to Bill, there's one other thing I think we should talk about, I don't want to sound melodramatic, but it's something that's been known to give a few people second thoughts about the job. Shot 123. (5:01) The camera has cut to Wendy while Danny/Tony said "Mrs. Perfect alignment of some architectural features, from one shot to the next, may function to make transitions less jarring, creating less interference with an established mood. Her lips appear taut, unyielding. I'm quite sure there's nothing (13:44) Susan Sontag's Illness as Metaphor. Below is the massive stone fireplace in the lobby of the Timberline. Foreshadowing. There is constant conflict between Jack and Wendy even before he is possessed as he has anger issues and a tendency to be violent when he has drunk too much. Stylistically, as far as set design, it's interesting how the sharp angle in the graphic design of the milk carton, which rests above and follows Wendy's shoulder, is echoed in the diagonal of the ironing board stand above Danny's shoulder. Fig. STUART: Stacked them neatly in one of the rooms of the west wing, then he uhm well he uh put both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth. 53 MS Wendy. 27 MCU of Stuart. Introducing Bill Watson, a man with precious few words on the situation. It's enough now to note that it has meaning, expanding in some way on the action which will later occur on this spot, action which is already being anticipated. Accessed 4 March 2023. DANNY: My mom saying, wake up, wake up, wake up 17 MCU of Danny. In 1952, Kubrick worked as the second unit director on one episode of the television series Omnibus. 54 MS Jack. The scene takes place after Jack dies in the snow. The maze will eventually be his downfall. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Some other interesting, but slightly less conclusive examples are: There are many examples of the film using subliminal association to force us into experiencing little Danny's terrible shining visions. Mr. Ullman's door is open revealing, in contrast to the lodge's general appearance, a more modern, though unimposing, salmon-pink room unpleasantly illuminated with several ceiling florescent lights and most prominently decorated with two high shelves on either wall holding potted plants. A mat the color of dark grass wraps about the base of the toilet. (7:13) This is a pretty austere scene, shot so that it seems very straightforward. Of a person against a red background, it may look Mayan or Aztec influenced if one doesn't know its provenance. STUART: Bill, I'd like you to meet Jack Torrance. Danny eats a white bread sandwich, watching a television that is off screen in the yet unseen living room. SUSIE: Hello. Is he a guest or an employee who would lead the camera walk? TONY: No he ain't, Mrs. Torrance. "Ive been collecting stuff from The Shining over the years, and I just wanted to have one place where they could be organized. Unkrich was also one of the people who helped fund the Room 237 documentary. DANNY: Okay. Notes on Ullman's Desk and Inconsistencies So, does Tony tell him to do things? An additional reinforcement of tennis ball throwing as a metaphor for axe swinging is that Jack slams the ball against the floor just a few metres away from where he later kills Halloran. The lunch box is appropriately labeled "Emergency" and shows, I think, firemen. Hanging above the sink is a green and white dish towel that may read "Golf with the Greats". At first glance one thinks one knows what one is seeing, but a second glance throws that initial reading in doubt when pieces of the ad don't mesh together. King provides readers with just enough detail to make Wendy a well-rounded and interesting character. Stanley Kubrick is known for his forays into different genresand horror was a genre that piqued his interest early on in his career. More research is needed in order to thoroughly examine the psychology of the characters, the progression of narrative events, the films relationship with the horror genre, the role of its stylistic patterning (both visual and aural) in the narrational process, and the implicit and symptomatic meanings that may be constructed. Danny is lying on his bed on a fuzzy bear pillow, a doctor bent over him, examining him, as Wendy stands to the rear, clearly anxious. 28:29 - Dick asks, "you like ice cream, Doc" (sound). JACK: Well, it's certainly got plenty of that I was falling about laughing most of the time," he said of the documentary in 2013. Can destiny be altered? Next, two young individuals in summery clothing pass by on their way outside, carrying tennis rackets and white balls, seemingly headed to play a game though we may notice the woman is inappropriately dressed in high heels. It's important, sometimes, what we don't see in a Kubrick film, and this is one of those times. TONY: No. The same happens in 2001, the 2nd half beginning with almost all shots of Frank's space walk replicating, with slight changes, shots from when Dave was doing his space walk. It's difficult for me to tell. No, The Shining is not a true story. Fig. 82 MS Wendy from Doctor's side. Oregon's Timberline Lodge, which was used as the hotels exterior for some shots, is to blame for this swap. Kubrick has unobtrusively incorporated a natural landscape via the flowered tray and the box. Fig. As with The Shining, that film, too, is all about deja vu. Relieved, Wendy sighs and smiles. The timing of the first "sha" begins at 327, a permutation of 237, the number of the dreaded hotel room that Dick warns Danny away from. He fears the possibility of divorce more than anything else. Many of the seemingly innocuous details throughout "The Lottery" foreshadow the violent conclusion. 78 MS Danny's bedroom. One would assume it would be like a compass and have four arrows, but we will later observe it only has these two. Beyond the double doors to this hall, presently closed, are a man and a woman whose positioning conveniently conceals the place where is the aforementioned photograph that will only be revealed at film's end. "Two tunnels?" He's gone. Thus, his need consists of achieving fulfilment, something he attempts to do in a morbid way at the expense of his family. The Kubrick Corner shows that continuing from the point where we see the movie behind Wendy in the living room, running it in real time, to when the blood is shown gushing through the elevator shaft in Danny's vision, it matches up with a discussion in Carson City on a leak having been found in the tunnel that's then under construction.